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We Specialize in Love

Image by Andreas Rønningen

Wedding DJ Service

“You never get a second chance at a first dance“ 

Its what we believe.  That’s why when we are at your wedding, we get it, we understand the this will be a milestone in your life and there are no do overs.  That’s why it is important to select the right Wedding DJ for you special day.


But Wait, There’s More…

There’s a wide variety of events that happen everyday  and  we know that there’s a special mood and energy for each. What you need for a sweet sixteen party won’t be the same for a wedding reception or a graduation. We’re here to help with what you need in a professional manner and an affordable cost.

Professional DJ's

With our vast music library and entertaining DJ’s we can deliver a memorable soundtrack to your affair. You’ll invest a lot of time and planning to make your event great – and so will we. Long before your event we’ll work with you to make sure we know exactly what you want, cover any special requests and line up all the details. On the  day of, we will arrive early and be set up and rolling before your guests arrive. During the event we’ll keep your party moving with the right music, the right volume and the right attitude.


MC Service

Do you need an MC for your event? We can help you there too. Our DJ’s can easily serve as your Master of Ceremonies with confidence, humor and charisma to deliver your message and keep your event on track and festive.

Live Music

Do you need live music for your event? We work with a number of local artists ranging from solo acoustic performers to full bands that can provide the right entertainment for your ceremony, reception or anything else you need.

Custom Ceremonial Music

How would you like a song written just for you and your special day, capturing all the aspects of your romantic journey? Our artists can craft a unique musical piece that’s for you and you alone.

Pro Lighting

So you’ve got great music – now what? Adding professional, synchronized lighting really takes your event to the next level and keeps your guests on the dance floor and out of their seats.

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